Benefits You Get From Ashtanga Namaskar Yoga Pose :: Part 3 Of 3
Natalie J. Brown
     PUBLISHED ON   March 15, 2020
We have known the significance and advantages of the initial six Ashtanga Namaskar Poses. We will finish up the Ashtanga Namaskar Yoga Asana arrangement with the staying six asanas. 

7. Bhujangasana (Cobra present) 

Breathe in - Om Hiranayagarbhaaya Namah 

Advantages: This asana is exceptionally valuable to keep your back in the fittest position. The spinal area becomes solid and exceptionally lithe. This asana helps in making a sound course for your back. It conditions your body just as the spinal nerves. Your absorption is improved. It conditions your liver just as back rubs the kidneys. The male and female conceptive framework improves. Unpredictable menstrual cycle issues are amended as well. With the expanding blood dissemination your face gives a brilliant look. 

8. Parvatasana 

Breathe out - Om Mareechibhyoh Namaha 

Advantages: This asana is a similar asana you do in the No.5 position i.e Parvatasana. Like a mountain it helps in reinforcing your arms and shoulders. Your back gets conditioned because of the extension of the spine. This is a generally excellent asana for individuals with swelling paunches just as expanding midriff line. Any issue with the guts is additionally improved. 

9. Ashwa-sanchalan-asana 

Breathe in - Om Adityaaya Namaha 

This asana is a similar asana you do in the No.4 position i.e Ashwa-sanchalan-asana. This posture is exceptionally valuable for rubbing your inner organs for better usefulness. Your leg muscles are fortified making a legitimate equalization. It influences your psyche too as it encourages it to stay cool and stable. Throat issues can be deleted by customary exercise. 

10. Pada Hastana 

Breathe out - Om Savitre Namaha 

Advantages: This asana is a similar asana you do in the No.3 position i.e Pada Hastana . Having issues with your feet or finger? This asana encourages you right it rapidly. Your stomach and your stomach related framework are liberated from any entanglement. The twisting of your middle encourages your chest to expand. Arms and hands become more grounded as well. 

11. Hasta Uttanasana 

Breathe in - Om Arkaaya Namaha 

Advantages: This asana is a similar asana you do in the No.2 position i.e Hasta Uttanasana. The lifting and extending of the arms helps the muscles in your arms. Your shoulder gets solid and adaptable. Your processing improves as it conditions the lungs while extending. It is a decent solution for evacuate overabundance weight. This improves your vision immensely. 

12. Pranamasana 

Breathe out - Om Bhaaskaraaya Namah 

Advantages: This asana is a similar asana you do in the No.1 position i.e Pranamasana. This position mollusks your nerves as it facilitates your body and lets you have a feeling of parity. 

Ashtanga Namaskar asana closes with a similar asana as we had begun with i.e Pranamasana. 

Cautioning: The peruser of this article should practice all precautionary measures while endeavoring to play out any of the asanas. On the off chance that you are experiencing any medical issues counsel your PCP and your yoga teacher before attempting the asanas. The obligation lies with the peruser and not with the site or the author.