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Can I republish articles in this site in my blog or social media pages?

Yes!. You are allowed to do so under 2 conditions.
      i. You cannot make any changes to the original article. It must be published as it is.
     ii. At the bottom of the article you have to mention '' as the source of the article.

Can I republish a part of an article in my blog?

Sorry. This is not allowed. You have to publishe the entire article without making any changes to the original content.

Can I publish my own articles in

Yes!. You are welcome to do so. For more information please check authors page.

Do I have to pay for the articles that I publish in your website?

Not at all. All articles sent to us will be published free of charge.

Are there any limitations on the articles that I can publish?

No. You can publish any no. of articles. However there are few standards for the articles that we pubish. Please heck our authors page.